What Factors Led To A Rise In Tensions Within Colonial Communities In The Early 1700s? 2. How Did Social, Economic,…

1. What factors led to a rise in tensions within colonial communities in the early 1700s?
2. How did social, economic, and political tensions contribute to an increase in the accusations of witchcraft?
3. Why and how did the legal and economic status of colonial women decline between 1650 and 1750?
4. How did patriarchal ideals of family and community shape life and work in colonial America? What happened when men failed to live up to those ideals?
5. How and why did economic inequality in the colonies increase in the first half of the eighteenth century?
6. How did population growth and increasing diversity contribute to conflict among and anxieties about the various groups inhabiting British North America?
7. What groups were most attracted to the religious revivals of the early eighteenth century? Why?
8. What were the legacies of the Great Awakening for American religious and social life?
9. How did ordinary colonists, both men and women, black and white, express their political opinions and preferences in the first half of the eighteenth century?
10. How did politics bring colonists together across economic lines in the first half of the eighteenth century? How did politics highlight and reinforce class divisions?

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