What features does the PHR offer?

Choose and evaluate an online Personal Health Record (Some examples are http://www.myphr.com/, Google Health, AARP, MyMediConnect, Microsoft Health Vault, MedHelp, Doclopedia, MyHealthFolders, RememberItNow, and Lucy by Epic). Test out the PHR using your own real information, or using a pseudonym. Evaluate the PHR’s effectiveness in capturing information which would be useful both to the patient and in inclusion in an organization’s health record. Prepare a chart or spreadsheet which compares and contrasts the following features of at least two Personal Health Records, currently available. Based on your review make a recommendation as to whether the PHR should be accessible to the health organization care givers.

  • What features does the PHR offer?
  • How does the PHR protect the patient’s privacy?
  • What are the benefits and drawbacks of the PHR?
  • Indicate why you would or would not use this PHR.

Then in a short essay, consider PHRs overall, not any specific PHR, and complete the followoing evaluation.

  • Evaluate if a Health Care Facility could rely on data entered by the patient in the PHR and allow the patient entered data to flow directly to the facility record? In your evaluation, consider simply demographic details such as nicknames (Dan, Danny, Daniel, Danielle) and date format variations (5/5/99 vs May 5, 1999 v 050599 v 05-05-1899, etc.) plus more complex information such as medications (name brand v generic name like Tramadol and Ultram for example).
    • Can PHR data be relied upon by healthcare providers when used with other caputured data in the eHR?
    • How can incoming PHR data be validated by the healthcare facility to ensure it is accurate and safe for use in the eHR?

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