What skills and techniques will help you to interview clients and communicate during the helping process?

HS1200: Week 3 Assignment

What skills and techniques will help you to interview clients and communicate during the helping process? This assignment helps you apply your knowledge from this week’s module and textbook readings. As a human service worker, you will be expected to develop and maintain communication with clients, colleagues, and other significant people within the community. You will need to apply interviewing and communication skills and techniques effectively while potentially dealing with many ethnically and culturally diverse clients. You must also be open to others’ ideas and be able to interpret their meaning. Interpreting Use Chapter 10 to answer the questions below. It is often necessary to interpret the meaning of what a client says during the interview process. a. True b. False If an HHS worker interviews a client from another culture who has language barriers, the worker should have adequate translation skills or resources available for a client if the client speaks a different language. a. True b. False It’s important for an HHS worker to develop sensitivity to cultural differences of clients. a. True b. False It is NEVER important to identify a client’s strengths in relation to their ethnic or cultural identity. a. True b. False Multicultural competence is the ability to understand and relate the unique qualities of each client. a. True b. False Conflict of interest occurs when an interviewer has personal, financial, business, political or alternative professional interests that can compromise their professional judgement and actions toward a client. a. True b. False Interviewers should ALWAYS take unfair advantage of their professional relationships with clients and should exploit them. a. True b. False Interviewers should inform clients when there is a potential conflict of interest and take steps to resolve the issue. a. True b. False In some instances, the professional relationship with a client must be terminated due to issues involving conflicts of interest. a. True b. False A number of professional organizations have ethical principles relating to conflicts of interest that their members must follow. a. True b. False Interpreting Use Chapter 10 to answer the questions below. Explain how you can become more culturally sensitive to prepare you to work with clients of other ethnicities and cultures within the HHS field. Describe what you would do if you realized you had a situation that was a conflict of interest with a client. As an HHS professional, why is it important to be aware of your own feelings when working with clients? How can multicultural differences enhance or improve the quality of the client-HHS worker relationship? Reflection Reflect on what you have learned this week to help you respond to the question below. You may choose to respond in writing or by recording a video! Click Here (press control and click buttons at the same time to open the link) to review the ethical standards for HHS Professionals set forth by the National Organization for Human Services (NOHS). Describe how you will uphold ethical standards within the HHS field while interacting or communicating with clients.


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