With the development of the social media,they are easy to leak the users’ personal information.

This assignment will prepare you to write your term paper. For this assignment, you will provide a detailed annotation for the key academic and trade sources that are relevant to your selected topic. For each entry in your bibliography, you should explain the study’s methodology and findings, a critique of its quality, and its specific relevance to your topic. For articles that are not reports of research studies, you should summarize the content of the article, critique its quality, and explain its relevance to your topic. Items in your bibliography should address the history/context of your topic, the concepts/variables involved in the topic, as well as the findings of research relevant to the topic. Please use a citation style of your choice for this assignment. There is no set number of items that should be included – it’s your job to thoroughly review the relevant literature. But as a rule of thumb, your bibliography should include at least 10scholarly journal articles related to your topic of research. You may also include trade and industry publications, but these cannot substitute for academic research. Please note that your annotations should NOT simply be copied from the abstract of the articles. Also, your paragraph summaries need to be in your own words and light on direct quotations. It is essential that you thoroughly read the articles that you are using to develop a complete understanding of how they fit in with your topic. In addition to your article summaries, your bibliography should include an opening section that explains the issue that you are focusing on and its relevance to communication professionals.