workshop 2 and 3

Hello there, I have these 2 workshop to do. I didn’t quit understand what the professor wants but these are her prompt. I will also send you my classmates workshop so you know what they did and how they did it.

come up with an action plan

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Link to Week 1 Workshop 3: Come up with an Action Plan.

Click here to go to discussion forum.

Come up with an action plan!

Main post 300 words minimum.

After your reflection, visit the resources in the forth section of your left-hand navigation bar of this class. It looks like this:

Student Support Buttons

Click for more options

According to your reflection on how life gets in the way, list which resources might be valuable to you in helping you get through those moments?

Explain why you feel these particular resources may benefit you in the future. Explain how you plan to use at least one of the resources, maybe more. Do you have any questions about these resources?

Lastly, describe a resource you wish existed. What particular resource do you think would help you the most in your college studies? (Perhaps it exists and you don’t know about it.)

Make your initial posting to Workshop 2. Workshop 2 focuses on “Web Source Evaluation (and citation practice)”

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