write 50 75 words response to given discussion in apa with reference

Reading and thinking how much time and money went into the effects of medicine based on the study subjects of men and most people assume that the same medicine had the same effect on medicine actually angered me. Thank God someone came to their senses that something was not right and that realization made an impact in today’s science and medicine. For example, there is a big difference in height and weight in which some medicines are weight-based. Especially with today’s pandemic affecting more men than women and children showing proinflammatory cytokines circulating involving the worst Covid outcomes which is a harmful immune response that the body attacks itself (Rabin, 2020).

Reading about the Women’s Social Movement how Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott were able to organize the first women’s right convention that was able to empower women to go back to their own towns and have the voice to speak up in their communities (Kolander, 2014). Later Stanton and Susan B. Anthony has teamed up and changed laws for women which is truly admirable. These small ideas leading to big impacts especially with making an awareness in cases of sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment has been a big issue in the fact that it can make someone uncomfortable to show up for work and be able to provide for one’s family by someone’s unwanted attention and/or touch. I applaud women who were able to speak up about sexual harassment because it has created the Me Too movement which will also be read about in history books and empowering young women to exercise their rights and having their voices be heard. As well as a teaching point that men too, if they have not already, learned to respect women.

It is with the same empowerment from the Women’s Social Movement that women in sports are taking a stand at gender discrimination. Women professional athletes are getting paid less than their male counterparts all across the board from soccer, golf, volleyball and tennis as women college athletes are getting their school budget cuts first. “According to the national women’s team’s suit against U.S. Soccer, differing systems of compensation for the men’s and women’s teams have led to the women repeatedly earning less than their male counterparts, even though the women are defending champions and the men failed to qualify for the 2018 World Cup (Tracy, et al, 2019).”

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