writing and critical thinking

In what ways were the individuals in each article discriminated against? Using those examples, and other evidence presented in class and in your textbook, explain what you would tell someone who claimed that America is a meritocracy and the only thing holding people back is their “lack of hard work and effort”. Again, use evidence from lecture, your textbook and the readings to support your arguments.

Before submitting your paper, check it for the following things:

Does your answer demonstrate that you read and understood the assigned articles?

Did you answer ALL the questions in the prompt?

Is your paper a minimum of 5 pages double-spaced?

Did you properly cite each reading each time you quoted, paraphrased, or made and assertion about what the author said? Note, if you fail to cite you will receive a 0!

Did you proofread?

Assigned readings( can be found online if searched):

Yasemin Besen-Cassino, “Cool Stores, Bad Jobs”

Vivyan Adair, “Branded with Infamy: Inscriptions of Poverty and Class in America”

Christine L. Williams, “Still a Man’s World: Men Who Do Women’s Work”

Mary C. Waters, “Optional Ethnicities”

Karyn Lacy, “Blue Chips Black: Managing Race in Public Spaces”