15 multiple choice 5 short answer

15 multiple choice+5 short answer

1.The six analytical frameworks that we are using to understand human psychology are:

a.humanistic, evolutionary, cultural, cognitive, psychodynamic, international

b.biological, evolutionary, cultural, personality, behavioral, cognitive

c.cultural, biological, psychodynamic, behavioral, cognitive, humanistic

d.humanistic, personality, biological, medical, universal, behavioral

2.Maslow constructed the Hierarchy of Needs to demonstrate the stages of

a.personal fulfillment


c.finding your bliss


3.The cognitive approach proclaims that reality is a construct of the





4.Behavioral psychology emphasizes

a.action and environment

b.internal motivation

c.your goals

d.brain waves

5.Humanistic psychology is called the third revolution. Which two approaches did it supercede?

a.Behavioral and biological b. Biological and psychodynamic

b.Psychodynamic and cultural d. Psychodynamic and behavioral

6.The psychodynamic process by which the ego directs the individual to express sexual and aggressive impulses in socially acceptable ways is the

a.pleasure principle. b. reality principle. c. libido. d. superego.

7.According to Freud, the process that distorts reality to prevent the individual from being overwhelmed by anxiety is called

a.defense mechanisms. b. projection. c. the unconscious. d. sublimation.

8.The psychoanalytic defense mechanism known as _____________ involves attributing one’s own undesirable feelings to other people.

a.denial b. compensation c. regression d. projection

9.Freud stated that _______________ was/were the “royal road to the unconscious.”

a.dreams b. trauma c. desires d. memories

10. According to Freudian theory, to recover from his trauma, Tsotsi had to experience the process of

a. abreaction. b. confession. c. guilt. d. punishment.

11. According to Howard Gardner, how many intelligences are there?

a. multiple b. three c. infinite d. none (it’s a social scam)

12. To qualify as an intelligence, according to Gardner’s theory, the proposed intelligence must fit eight criteria delineated by

a. the National Mental Health Assn. b. Howard Gardner. c. the DSM V. d. Robert Sternberg.

13. The kind of learning developed by Ivan Pavlov is called

a. operant conditioning. b. observation. c. animal training. d. classical conditioning.

14. Bandura used a _____________________ to demonstrate that aggression is learned.

a. dog b. pigeon c. bobo doll d. child

15. MS (multiple sclerosis) is a disease of the

a. autoimmune system. b. mind. c. endocrine system. d. peripheral nerves.

16. What part of the neuron does the immune system attack with MS?

17. The neuron has ways of screening the information that reaches the brain to protect us from overload. List these two parts of the neuron.

18. What are side effects from medication created?

19. How do antidepressants (specifically, SSRIs: Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors) work in the synapse to effect mood?

20. In what part of the neuron does the electrical charge change into a chemical form to travel across the synapse to the next neuron?


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