what is a just state 4

In a 2–3-page paper, address the following: Explain intersectionality Explain at least one social philosophy from the textbook. For instance, you might discuss utilitarianism, Rawls, Marx, Nozick, Du Bois, King, or Beauvoir. If the theory has a clear correlate, please discuss it as well. Illustrate your understanding of both the intersectional and traditional social justice […]

latin american music essay

6 pages, or 1500 words The Main theme here is Latin American music. So you can choose a music topic from any country between Mexico and Argentina. What do you want to choose as your subject? It can be a Music Genre or Style, an Artist, a Composer, a performer, a Song, a Band, a […]

cold war essay

WRITE THE EXACT TITLE OF THE ESSAY AT THE VERY TOP, and then the following SUBTOPICS AT THE HEAD OF EACH ITEM YOU answer. Absolutely NO outside sources 5-7 pages 1. Analyze the course of the Cold War, including its political, economic and military course. Give specific dates, names of the players and the places […]

fim analysis 1

Choose any film (a feature length, short, or animated work) and write a six to eight page analysis of your subject using any combination of the critical strategies discussed in this class, such as the issue, conclusions, and reasons you feel are presented in the movie. The paper should demonstrate your ability to balance close […]

week 2 reflection

Week #2 Reflection Reflect on the content assigned for Week #2 using the below questions as a guide, at a minimum: What do you think are the most important impact points of this time period on today’s practice? How do think things would be different if Pharmacy during the Colonial Time was modeled more on […]

need a little bit of help

In this literary response, you will be analyzing how Setting affects the plot/characters of the short stories you have read. This assignment focuses on your ability to: learn how to interpret the literary device of setting and how it affects all of the elements of the story. The purpose of completing this assignment is: as […]

jury discussion 5

You’re On the Jury (2 Juries for a total of 40 points)There will be posted in the Discussions a fact scenario that relates to the material in the textbook and handouts. A series of questions will be posted with this scenario. Each student who participates in this discussion can receive up to 15 points per […]