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Agency Heads and Rulemaking

Agencies such as the Health & Human Services Agency, the Department of Justice, and the Environmental Protection Agency enforce laws. For example, they enforce rules that are set to ensure food is safe or hospitals operate with high standards. Due to this, it is possible that these agencies want a stake in rulemaking that impacts […]

A Definition Essay

Required Essay: a Definition Essay Minimum length:950 words Must be typed,in 12 pt. font (perferably Times New Roman),double-spaced, and in MS word format. Do not e-mail papers to the instructor unless given special permission to do so. The detailed requirements are written on the following file.Try the best to reach the 90 mark level. My […]

How to respond to a students response

The idea of “being called to a purpose” to me is a predestined calling by a higher power. In my thinking on this subject, I believe that we are all by the grace of God born with a purpose such as being a lawyer, accountant, veterinarian, a physician, teacher and etc. We may have an […]

Can you have this assignment done by June 6th?

The link to the book is provided below these instructions. Please follow instructions. Number it like the questions are numbered. For question 1 Label it Chapter One 1), 2) Chapter 2 1), 2) and so on. PLEASE CITE AS REQUIRED in INSTRUCTIONS! Please put the word count at the end of number 2 and 3. […]

colorblindness race and racial ambiguity

Final Journal In this journal, reflect upon the past several months of the course and the subjects we have studied, and answer the following questions in any order. *Discuss three specific topics that we’ve analyzed in this class. In what way(s) has your understanding of race and racism evolved as a result of examining these […]

I need help in writing 1 paper

http://mssandersonsouthcache.weebly.com/uploads/8/… 250 words minimum. Writing a Thoughtful ResponseWhen writing a response, I want you to really focus on how you react to the piece you read. You may be able to answer several of the questions raised below in your response. You should aim to address at least 2. Be thorough and thoughtful. Use quotes […]

Bibliography ( Four Books / Fours Articles)

Hello Everyone, really easy and simple work to do. You just need to set up a bibliography with four books and four scholarly articles that are related to the assigned topic (the assigned topic is in the filed attached).That’s it. Any bibliography in Turabian or APA format (APA as prefer) should give you a template […]


Watch a film and write an analytical paper of at least one page (12pt font) single spaced (or two pages double spaced) on some aspect(s) of psychological theory you notice during the film. These films include but are not limited to: Rainman, One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, As Good As It Gets, Sybil, A […]

RE: SOCW6103: Relapse Prevention Assignment (wk5)

Relapse prevention developed from the understanding that alcohol and other substance dependencies are difficult to treat. Even if treatment is successful, there is always the risk of relapse. Rates of relapse vary depending on factors such as the type of treatment and the substance used. As your Capuzzi & Stauffer text notes, it is estimated […]

Finding and Developing the Right Employees

As professionals in the industrial/organizational (I/O) field, we may have companies as our customers but employees are our business. They represent us to customers, they make our products, they fix our problems, and they bring us new ideas. Very few companies would succeed if it were not for their employees. The key is finding the […]