what is the purpose of business impact analysis

he discussion posts for this course are in two parts, the Initial Post and the Reply Post. Initial Post: Compose and submit well-written paragraphs that contain a minimum of 200 words, which address the following: What is the purpose of Business Impact Analysis? Explain the concepts of Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives […]

donation to charity presentation and email

1.E-mail Before you give the presentation persuading your classmates to donate $1 to your charity, you must send Dr. Hite and your TA information about the charity. NOTE: You will not submit a printed copy of the email, but will email it only. Please include the following information: Charity name Complete contact information for the […]

week 5 project 4 6 references 2

You are working at Johnson and Cohen law firm and have recently been assigned to lead the appeal of a man convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to death. The defendant has never had an IQ test, but friends and family insist that he has always been a little “slow“ his entire life. He […]

active euthanasia position argument

Write a formal position argument for what you would do in the below case. Instructions for writing the argument are below the case text. Case to be argued: Arnold Nelson was a 65-year-old retired man who had suffered 66% body burns in an automobile fire. He did not realize that there was a gas line […]

cobalt ions simulation homework assignment

After watching the video, go to the Cobalt Chloride and LeChatelier’s Principle Virtual Lab (Links to an external site.) on ChemCollective. Follow the instructions in the PDF document that is provided below. It contains instructions for five main activities, numbered 1 through 5, which you are to do in the virtual lab. Be sure to […]

answer 3 questions 43

This is the Nonprofit, “Disaster relief program” that would help with debris pickup for businesses and homeowners and supply meals to families during the aftermath of an event. One person is to submit this assignment on behalf of the group. 1) What need was identified in your needs assessment? (1 point) 2) Write a mission […]