Macbeth DBA

In this conversation, you will present the personalized shield you created to your instructor and discuss Beowulf, Emerson’s “Heroism,” andMacbeth. (Shield is at the bottom)

Your presentation should be a formal description and explanation of the ideas and symbols you have used. For example, you may wish to incorporate phrases like these in your presentation:

  • In the upper/lower, right/left corner, I…
  • This color is meaningful to me because…
  • This symbol represents…
  • I used this symbol because…
  • Overall, this shield represents me because…

Once you have gathered your notes and prepared for your presentation, write your Discussion-Based Assessment. You should complete this assessment before moving on to the next lesson.

Discussion-Based Assessment

Writing Prompt: Choose one reading from the module.(Macbeth) From this reading, choose a quote that you feel is reflective of the lesson theme. Explain how the quote is significant to the theme, and how you can relate the message of the quote to yourself or to the world around you.


  • Three well written paragraphs that explain how your quote is representative of the module theme.
  • One example that relates your quote to the other readings present in the module.
  • One example that links your quote to “real life.”

Discussion post

Hi, I need help with discussion board-Initial Post-10 meaningful sentences-

Initial Post: CBT is rising in popularity among clinicians and the approach has expanded greatly.What do you think accounts for the fact that CBT has this place in the field of psychotherapy?Explain your ideas.Be sure to connect your response to something you learned in Chapter 10.To clearly illustrate that connection, your response must contain the page number from the textbook in order to earn full credit.

Attached is chapter 10-CBT

I also need reply (5 meaningful sentences) to the following post: This does not need to be connected to content in the textbook.

POST for reply: I think the rising popularity of CBT among clinicians and the expansion of this approach is due to a number of reasons. I think that the “present-centered, time-limited focus” (10-1) is conducive to a system wherein insurance coverage will not provide for a lengthy therapeutic process. The managed care we are becoming more used to in today’s system can provide a sense of urgency and need for direction which the less constricted systems of the past did not have. In this environment, an “active and directive stance by the therapist” along with “an educational treatment focusing on specific and targeted problems” (10-1) can seem more necessary than in the past, given the constraints mental health professionals have to come up with a specific diagnosis and work to provide evidence that they have been success in alleviating the severity of symptoms of this diagnosis. While I find that there can be benefits to this emphasis on psychoeducation, clear-cut goals, and therapeutic direction, I think that the overly empirically- and medically-based direction which managed care can push therapists toward can be harmful as well. We are not only strict scientists or technicians, but there is also a sense of art, creativity, and aspects which are not always quantifiable.

In addition to the influence of the managed care system, I think that the various orientations which fall under the umbrella of CBT have their many merits which can make them useful for many different clients. For instance, the fact that “both cognitive therapy and cognitive behavioral therapies are based on a structured psychoeducational model, make use of homework, [and] place responsibility on the client to assume an active role both during and outside therapy sessions” (10-1) all make this approach enticing for therapists and clients alike. I think this is true regardless of the orientation a therapist claims as their primary one, in that they can also incorporate the psychoeducational aspects along with CBT homework assignments like thought records, even if they do not consider themselves a CBT therapist. It is also an approach which is dynamic in that it examines how the various facets interact with one another to inform our situation. REBT, for example, “is based on the assumption that cognitions, emotions, and behaviors interact significantly and have a reciprocal cause-and-effect relationship” (10-2a). Rather than singling out one aspect of our experience, such as our brain chemistry, behavior, thoughts, or environment, the CBT approaches look at the interplay between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in a non-reductionistic way. The holistic approach emphasized by CBT is useful in that multiple modes of our experience are looked at to see how they inform one another. Additionally, surface cognitions are connected to one’s deeper conditional and core beliefs so that there are multiple levels to each aspect of our experience. The therapist does not only address the surface beliefs or interpretations, but eventually, though a close therapeutic relationship identifies which core beliefs these have developed from, and what occurred in their development to inspire certain maladaptive yet consistent underlying beliefs.

I really like this approach and find much truth in the idea that certain surface ideas are informed by more deep-seated ones. I also like the way in which the CBT approaches have research to back up their effectiveness (another reason for their widespread acceptance). In my practicum work I have incorporated many CBT homework assignments with different clients, such as thought records and cost/benefit charts. I think that there is something useful for any therapist in the CBT approach, even if they do not adopt all aspects of it into their therapy. Bottom of Form

400 words questiong regarding Thirteenth Amendment

Section 1 of the Thirteenth Amendment states,” Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.” While on the surface, it appears that this Constitutional Amendment ended all forms of slavery and therefore is only about freedom, in fact it allowed enslavement to continue on as punishment and conviction for criminal acts. At present, the United States remains the world’s biggest jailer: 25% of the world’s prison population with only 5% of the world’s population. Many scholars and filmmakers argue that mass incarceration is little more than a modern form of enslavement (… , , ,,… etc.)

Can the U.S. truthfully represent itself as the “home of the brave and the land of the free” if it houses the largest number of prisoners of any nation in the world? Also, if the Thirteenth Amendment proclaims to be about freedom while at the same time rationalizing enslavement as a form of punishment, do you think the Amendment contradicts itself? Why or why not? Finally, what should be done, if anything, to reconcile the intention of the Amendment with the way it has been worded?

you have all the documents that you need or may not needed. please write a paragraph or two with 400 words regarding this questiong. thank you

critical systems thinking

Need a critical Summary on: The Systems View of Life: A Unifying Vision. Chapter III part 12 & 14. Capra and Luisi.

The critical summary is a 2-page (double spaced) maximum 3-page assignment. You will spend approximately 1 to 1.5 pages giving a succinct summary of the main point or argument of the reading. For the second 1 to 1.5 pages (approximately) you with offer your own critical engagement with the text. This may take many forms.

For example: criticize as aspect of the authors argument; bringing in new lines of support for the authors position; raising and addressing important but unaddressed questions arising from the article; applying ideas or concepts from the text in a different context; considering how some ideas in the text may complement or conflict with ideas in other relevant texts related to the subject domain. Self Note: Week 6 assignment

lasa 2 critiquing an article

Assignment 1: LASA 2—Critiquing an Article

InModule 4 Assignment 2, you were asked to provide your impressions of Peter Singer’s article “America’s Shame.” Now, you will compose a researched response to this article. This assignment allows you to assess and defend the reasonableness of your personal beliefs through critical assessment of Singer’s arguments and the presentation of your own, original arguments about the subject using the tools of evaluation you have learned throughout the course.

Assignment Overview:

For this assignment, assume that you have been asked to present a PowerPoint presentation at your local community center about the topics of world poverty and education. You have decided to use Peter Singer’s article as the starting point of your presentation. As you craft your presentation you will need to:

  • Present the major claims of Singer.
  • Present your own original argument offering thoughtful solutions to real-world problems.
  • Back up your argument with outside research.

Here is the link to the article by Singer: “America’s Shame” from The Chronicle of Higher Education. 55(27), B6–B10. (EBSCO AN 37137370).

Assignment Details:

  • Develop a 12–15-slide presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Include two additional slides—one for the title and the other for a References page.
  • Bullet points are acceptable, but use complete sentences throughout the presentation.

Be sure to include the following:

  • Describe the portions of Singer’s article you seek to engage/critique.
  • Clearly state your own argument/thesis in response.
    • Remember, the nature of the stance is not important; you can agree or disagree with any point Singer makes in the article. The important thing is for you to construct a stance that clearly engages Singer’s position. Include properly cited examples from the article.
    • As you advance your own thesis, be sure to include your position on how to address the problems that Singer discusses in his article. Again, you may agree or disagree with Singer; however, be sure to offer your own solutions to the issue of world poverty, as discussed by Singer.
  • Support your argument with the use of original research.
    • Use at least three credible, academic resources to support your positions.
    • These should be sources other than Singer’s “America’s Shame” article.
  • Apply APA standards to citation of sources.

Name your file LastnameFirstInitial_M5_A1.ppt.and submit it to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned.

You may use this Presentation Design Checklist to help you create an effective and visually appealing presentation.

Use this APA Citation Helper as a guide for citing your sources.

Assignment 1 Grading Criteria Maximum Points
Summarize portions of Singer’s article that you wish to engage/critique.


Utilize tools of evaluation to create an original argument that engages Singer’s text in a way that is productive and advances your own thesis.


Apply research to engage Singer through the effective use of supportive evidence.


Presentation Components:
Organization (16)
Style (8)
Usage and Mechanics (16)
APA Elements (20)





GOVT-2306 Texas Government

Question 1: Death penalty cases. (Answer questions for either 2 movies under).


Watch the 48 Hours Video, A Grave Injustice available on Youtube at:

Watch the PBS Special, A Death By Fire available at:…

Answer the following questions for either movie:

1.) What were the charges against the main individual in the movie you watched and what evidence did they have on him?

2.) Identify three problems with the state’s case against the individual in the movie you watched? Why are they problems?

3.) Why did the jury convict the individual in the movie? Give two reasons to support your thoughts.

4.) How did your thinking change in the case? Why? Give two reasons to support your opinion.

Question 2: (Answer questions for 300 words or so)

Many states are reexamining their prison systems. One area of change is examining the use of solitary confinement for young people the other is examining the role of prisons in society. Watch either Solitary (…) Nation and answer the following questions in 300 words or so.


  • What is the main point of the film that you watched?
  • What role should the prison systems serve in Texas/United States? Are they serving this role?
  • What are problems with the prison systems in the United States/Texas? What happens when inmates get out? Why do they end up going back?

Question 3: Prisons in Texas. (choose one article and summary 400 words)

The Texas judicial system has been under fire for many years for problems. One of the issues has been for the state of prisons. No prison facility in the state has air conditioning and health care or other factors may suffer. This issue blew up in South Texas at a privately controlled prison, in which inmates rioted and tore the facility up.

Read one of the following articles and summarize it for your peers. Discuss the key points that they would need to know about prisons in Texas. I have picked some good ones. They are hyper linked below.

For full credit, your response / summary should be about 400 words.

Positive Psychology Project

The Applied Final Project consists of two sections: five Scrapbook Chapters and a reflection paper. You will choose five theoretical perspectives from the eight weekly content perspectives presented within the course to inspire the creation of five Scrapbook Chapters. The reflection paper completes the “scrapbook,” demonstrating insight and the application of course content to personal learning.

Attached are the five chosen theoretical perspective that will make up the five scrapbook chapters. I have also attached links underneath each perspective, these links are just to provide you with some background infromation on each topic. Please do not actually use them in this paper as my professor wants all new resources.

The ECERS Assessment Tool

ECERS Assessment Analysis Report

This assignment is allow you a chance to explore the ECERS assessment tool.This tool is used to assess the classroom environment both indoor and outdoor.You will need to go through the tool with a fine tooth comb (or what you can research on it via on line search.I will also have the tool available in class that you can look over during your free time).

PART 1: submit via canvas

complete a 2-3 page write up analyzing…

  • A detailed explanation of its function
  • How it is used as an assessment
  • Why it is used as an assessment
  • How teachers can utilize the tool
  • What can the tool tell teachers about their environments, teaching style, communication, ect…

Note: The ECERS book very important for the teacher, because it help her how to decorate the classroom.

outside class activity.

answer all the questions in the file below.

compare the prices between all the bowling places.

write that the atmosphere in titan bowling is nice and chill, amp Carter lanes loud and fun, and in concourse bowling as competitive and great.

write that all 3 bowling centers are open and inviting, all 3 are like that because of the music.

and also write that I will visit all of those centers again.

follow the questions on the prompt, and see the pictures below to compare the prices.

Watch the videos and answer the attached documents


You will see two videos one is a news story of the tragedy, and the other is Reagan’s speech. I also am attaching a transcript of the speech. First, watch the news story; then, download the transcript onto your computer and use it as a guide as you watch Reagan’s speech. After this, go back through the transcript and type in the answers to the questions on the right-hand side of each page

Videos links