2 questions to do

I have 2 parts discussion to do with responding to 2 students

First part

Question 1-

As noted at the beginning of the lecture and briefly in this week’s overview video, Hinduism represents a sharp departure from our own Western culture and religious understanding. This first question is for you to note the things that were confusing in the first reading assignment. Were there concepts that you didn’t understand? How does the culture of India and Hinduism relate to one another?

Second part

Question 2-

A main, foundational teaching in Hinduism is that people are looking to break free from samsara, the cycle of death and rebirth that we call reincarnation. Interestingly, many people in the West (non-Hindus) speak of reincarnation lightly or fondly. There are people who believe in reincarnation and find it to be a good thing, or who sort of joke about reincarnation. Why, from the Hindu perspective, might reincarnation be a bad thing? Why do people pursue their religious beliefs and practices in order to achieve moksha?

the book link if needed




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