5 20 lecture and response mobility 1

Activity 2

(Short Response)

Research the structures, systems and infrastructures that exist that create IMMOBILITY in other places around the world. Select one place from the list.

Uyghur Region

Kashmir (Probably not a lot of information)

Indigenous populations and reservations

The United States

Turkey (for Syrians and Kurds)

Australian detention Islands

Northern Ireland

Teacher notes: Select one of these places and research the structure systems and infrastructures that exists that create immobility in one of the places. So you can look at not only the infrastructure itself, but also hermit systems or walls or fences that are built up, you can look at social cultural systems as policies. So like can these people move to this place or move in the space? Why, or why not? Or where is it acceptable in society for these people to be in? Where is it not? And what kind of mobility or immobility does that create?

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