answer questions about theology and religion

you must choose three of the five questions below, of your choice.

  1. In Theological Foundations, the author Jay M. Hammond provides a brief definition of a sacrament, involving three parts: A sacrament is (1) a sign (2) instituted by Christ (3) to give grace. In your own words, explain what each of these three elements of the definition mean, and then explain how one of the three following sacraments fits this definition: baptism, Eucharist, reconciliation.
  1. Explain the five models of the church: Institution, Communion, Sacrament, Herald, Servant. Then explain why images or models of the church are helpful for explaining the nature and mission of the church.
  1. What is Christian feminism? What makes it feminist? What makes it Christian? How might the story of Adam and Eve be interpreted from a Christian feminist perspective?
  1. Explain the three main Christian perspectives on the salvation of non-Christians: exclusivism, inclusivism, and pluralism. Be sure to explain what makes each distinct from the other two.
  1. The chapters on Christian morality and social justice in Theological Foundations discuss three types of sin: original sin, actual sin, and social sin. Explain each of these three and how they are distinct from the others.


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