Messages from an Ad

Choose one of the following successful ad campaigns below: ALS #IceBucketChallenge Always #LikeAGirl Coca-Cola #ShareaCoke IKEA bookbook video McDonald’s Super Bowl 2015 Taco Bell #OnlyInTheApp Virgin America Boo videos In a minimum of 3 pages, please do the following: Provide a summary of the ad or include a screenshot, and explain what the intent behind […]

Help with an outline for English

Outline for an Informative Paper This week, you will be changing gears and moving from narrative writing to beginning on the informative paper. For this assignment, please review the directions for the Week 5 assignment and think of a topic you feel would be appropriate for an informative paper. Then, once you have that idea, […]

week 5 journal

Choose one of this week’s films.* Examine at least two elements of the film that contribute to its comic effect, such as dialogue, action, acting/character, situation, or recurring motifs. As always, choose at least two scenes to use as supporting examples for your argument. Screen shot each of them. Be specific in your analysis, and […]

description below

In reflecting upon Fanon’s psychoanalysis in “The Man of Color and the White Woman,” and “The Woman of Color and the White Man,” in 4 paragraphs, address the following: In what manners do black men and women become “whitened”, if at all? Be sure to cite examples Fanon draws upon, and offer your own examples […]

Social work/ Weekly discussion

Applying what you have learned about perceiving others, please observe a conversation(s) (convesrsatioin attached to this question please check the attachments) this week between at least two people. Try to be unobtrusive. Pay close attention to verbal and nonverbal communication patterns. What information can you glean from observing their interaction? What information can you glean […]

Psychological Assessment Guide

Psychological assessment guides are created by psychology professionals to provide the public with accurate and authoritative information appropriate for their current needs. Information available to the public about psychological testing and assessment varies widely depending on the professional creating it, the purpose of the assessment, and the intended audience. When professionals effectively educate the public […]

Scholarly Source Reflection/Analysis about diversity in the work place

Purpose and Instructions: In this assignment, you will continue your research using scholarly research sources. Carefully select TWO relevant, peer-reviewed sources that help you answer your research question and/or raise new questions. Scholarly sources take you into in-depth research conducted by experts in their field and on the topic they are researching.Answer the questions below […]

which of the forms of socialism might Marx himself have been the most/least sympathetic and would any appeal in the US

original question: With which of the variant forms of socialism might Marx himself have been the most and least sympathetic? Which of them do you think would have had the most appeal in the United States? How might a manager or owner of an industrial enterprise respond to these ideas? this question is in regards […]