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How does the profit motive affect the experiences of hospital patients and nursing home residents as well as Doctor and Nurse’s career trajectories? What forces have led to the co-optation of hospices, and how does this co-optation affect users and potential users of hospices? How has the profit motive impacted the development of technology, diagnosis as well as the cost of treatment? In short, how has it changed the relationship between actors and the environment in the medical field? How has it impacted medial ethics? Race. Class, Age and Gender impacts our ability to access affordable and timely health care. Compare access to healthcare in the 21st, early 20th and 19th century America. In these different time periods, where would people seek treatment? How would treatment differ according to the variables listed above? How safe was the health care provided and how affordable was it? How would health care providers interact with a patient? Which eras had the best care? The worst? The most humanizing care? The most impersonal? The most ethical? Why? Give examples to support your assertions.

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