Commitment: A Cautionary Tale And Provide An Example Of This Issue Which Has Happened To You.

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Lokesh Kumar Kalisetty – Tuesday, September 25, 2018, 1:10 PM

The end goal of all negotiation process should be forging a long-term relationship and not look for small benefits but strive for a lifelong partnership. The best way to ensure this is to ensure honest communication and fulfilling the commitments made during the negotiation process. Each negotiation can be viewed as a transaction where both parties make commitments for the next stage of negotiations. If any party fails on the made promises, they fail the other party and lose out on the opportunity of creating valuable relationships.

One such incident that happened with me was at my workplace. During one of the critical phases in the project, an important resource had resigned from his job and suddenly there seemed no way work could be completed within the stipulated timelines. My manager had a meeting with me where he requested me to work double shifts to help complete the task within the timelines. Initially I was reluctant, but when he suggested that he would recommend me for a promotion to the position of the Team leader, I thought of it as a great opportunity of proving my worth and get a promotion which seemed long due. I worked for 3 weeks, doing double shifts and gave my best to finish the work well before the timelines. The project received a lot of appreciation and accolades from the top management. But even after 4 months of the project completion, I was still awaiting the promotion which was promised to me. When I confronted the manager in a meeting about this, he said he forgot about it and it would be tough to pursue in the current scenario. With due respect, there was a sense of being duped and false commitments by the manager. In the next 3 months I was off on a new job in a new organization. There creeped in a sense of disillusionment which made it difficult to continue in the same role.

When a negotiation is based on certain commitments and promises, it becomes detrimental to fulfill those commitments to ensure long term relationships. And we should all try and fulfill these commitments to avoid disillusionment and disappointment later.


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