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Week 5 Discussion-Syntactic Features of Languages and Computer Translations– Original discussion post must be submitted before 9.00am on TUESDAY

Iva Tracey

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During the discussion of Week 5, you are going to reflect about syntactic features of languages and translations and/or closed captioning. Your original post will consist of 2 paragraphs; the 1st paragraph will focus on unique language features; the 2nd paragraph will focus on the evaluation of computer translation and/ or closed captioning.

Original discussion post must be submitted before 9.00am on Tuesday:


a) Watch the video “Fantastic Features We Don’t Have In The English Language”.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYlVJlmjLEc (Links to an external site.)

b) Answer the question that Tom is asking at end of the video: Can you think of a brand new language feature, something that every language should have, but does not?


a) Watch the video “Why Computers Suck At Translation”:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAgp7nXdkLU (Links to an external site.)

b) Write a paragraph in which you reflect the on your experience with using computer translation or monolingual close captioning. What types of words and sentences are usually translated or captioned correctly, and what kind of words and sentences are inaccurate?

* Your original post should be 200-250 words long (combination of part 1 and part 2).

RESPONSE TO THE POSTS OF YOUR 2 CLASSMATES- must be submitted before 9.00am on Friday:

Follow these steps to write the discussion response:

1. Read all posts of your classmates.

2. Find a classmate who has not received a response to his/her post yet. You CANNOT respond to an original post which has already received a response if there are still some posts that have not received a response.

3. Just as you would during a spoken discussion, write what your think about the ideas of your classmate. You can add more ideas to the points that your classmate has made or write a different opinion in a polite manner.

* The response to each post should be 100-150 words long.

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