Discussion Question



1. Creating positive emotions

How do emotions (positive or negative) affect a person’s health? What are some challenges to regularly channeling positive emotions? Based on chapter 3 what are some things that you can do (now or in the future) to cultivate positive emotions?

2. The “flow” experience

Describe your understanding of the “flow” experience. What kinds of activities or experiences allow you to get into the flow? How does this experience compare to completing a task or activity in which you are not fully interested or engaged?

3. Fostering resiliency

The reading this week describes resiliency as it relates to harsh conditions endured by children in Romanian orphanages. What other types of situations can you think of in which resiliency is necessary for a child or adult to experience a positive outcome? What are some protective factors that could foster resiliency in those situations?

4. One question is the idea of possessions or money as a source of happiness. Can we create happiness if we have more stuff? Are persons who are rich happier than persons who are poor? We are already learning that happiness is far more than possessions and can be different for each person.

5. Savoring our emotions helps us to cultivate positive emotions.

6. where did the resiliency come from. Is this something which is learned or is it a genetic trait?

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