Durkheim maintained that social institutions have an obligation to eradicate _

Durkheim maintained that social institutions have an obligation to eradicate _________________. (Points : 1)

[removed] internal inequality
[removed] external inequality
[removed] manifest dysfunctions
[removed] late dysfunctions


Question 2.2. Which sociological theorist developed the concept of strain, which affected individuals’ life chances? (Points : 1)

[removed] Emile Durkheim
[removed] Jane Addams
[removed] Robert Merton
[removed] George Herbert Mead


Question 3.3. Which of the following is NOT considered constitutive of a social problem (rather than an individual problem)? (Points : 1)

[removed] It is a challenge to those in power.
[removed] It violates society’s values.
[removed] It falls outside a pattern.
[removed] It could be solved through changes in society.


Question 4.4. Supply-side economics, also known as trickle-down economics, provides tax breaks to ____________________________. (Points : 1)

[removed] students
[removed] unionized workers
[removed] shareholders
[removed] corporations


Question 5.5. Which system did Marx promote as society’s most influential institution? (Points : 1)

[removed] The economy
[removed] The church
[removed] Education
[removed] Communism


Question 6.6. Who are the two sociologists working to relocate homeless populations from urban centers to areas near public transportation and social services? (Points : 1)

[removed] Emile Durkheim and James Wright
[removed] James Wright and Hilda Solis
[removed] Hilda Solis and Ruth Milkman
[removed] Ruth Milkman and James Wright


Question 7.7. What are the five key social institutions that impact society? (Points : 1)

[removed] Economy, government, religion, education, and public health
[removed] Education, religion, government, public health, and race
[removed] Equal rights, religion, education, economy, and family
[removed] Family, religion, education, government, and the economy


Question 8.8. Which step of the scientific method of studying social problems concerns how sociologists will collect data? (Points : 1)

[removed] Mode
[removed] Methodology
[removed] Analysis
[removed] Research method


Question 9.9. Which sociological perspective believes that poverty has its positive effects for the economy and class hierarchy? (Points : 1)

[removed] Functionalist
[removed] Conflict
[removed] Race-centered
[removed] Feminist


Question 10.10. Reinvestment measures described by the supply-side economics theory proved effective in strengthening America’s working conditions. (Points : 1)

[removed] True
[removed] False

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