ece 355 discussion 1 and 2

Part 1

In your introduction for this course you were asked to share your perspective on parenting. In this discussion we will build on that idea by looking at how parenting has changed over the last several decades.

To prepare for this discussion:

In your initial post

  • Describe at least two ways in which you think parenting has significantly changed in the last 25 years, citing the article or the text.
  • Discuss at least two parenting strategies/ideas that were shared in the article that you found unexpected or surprising.
  • Describe how using this information, along with your knowledge of child development, will help your work with families.

    Part 2

  • This course is titled “Understanding Behavior and Family Dynamics.” In order to fully understand these ideas, we must thoroughly understand the definition of family so that we can provide family-centered support. Viewing the child as an integral part of the family helps one develop a more culturally sensitive approach. Everything we do must support the family as a whole in order to be able to advocate for the needs of the children we work with (Supporting Partnerships for Success, n.d.).
  • To prepare for this discussion,

    In your initial post

    • Examine how the definition of family shared in the video 2010’s American Family Defined is similar or different to the definition of family shared in your course text.
    • Create your own definition of family.
    • Describe what providing family-centered support means to you. Use the Guiding Principles of Family Support Programs document to support your ideas.
    • Explain how your definition and understanding of family will enable you to provide family-centered support. Support your thinking with one additional scholarly source.

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