Fill in the blank in the text about the sales of Mini Mochi Munch, business and finance homework help

Kokomochi is considering the launch of an advertising campaign for its latest dessert product, the Mini Mochi Munch. Kokomochi plans to spend $5.25 million on TV, radio, and print advertising this year for the campaign. The ads are expected to boost sales of the Mini Mochi Munch by $8.42 million this year and by $6.42 million next year. In addition, the company expects that new consumers who try the Mini Mochi Munch will be more likely to try Kokomochi’s other products. As a result, sales of other products are expected to rise by $3.92 million each year. Kokomochi’s gross profit margin for the Mini Mochi Munch is 33%, and its gross profit margin averages 25% for all other products. The company’s marginal corporate tax rate is 38% both this year and next year. What are the incremental earnings associated with the advertising campaign? for years 1 and 2

  1. Year 1

Sales of Mini Mochi Munch  _________

Other Sales   _________

Cost of Goods Sold _________

Gross Profit    _________

Selling, General & Admin. _________

Depreciation  _________

EBIT  _________

Income tax at 38%  _________

Unlevered Net Income  _________

Year 2

Sales of Mini Mochi Munch  _________

Other Sales   _________

Cost of Goods Sold _________

Gross Profit    _________

Selling, General & Admin. _________

Depreciation _________

EBIT _________

Income tax at 38% _________

Unlevered Net Income _________

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