Final Project Paper Proposal

Ashford 4: – Week 3 – Assignment 2

Final Project Paper Proposal

The purpose of the final project is to communicate the analyst’s findings upon completion of a detailed analysis of the current system. It also is intended to communicate the proposed approach to be used in continuing the project into the next phase. You may select an existing company and identify improvements to a system or you can use your own company. The company must be approved by the instructor.
The proposal will actually consist of the purpose, history, and scope located in the final project template (be sure you can see the blue hidden text in the template which has additional instructions to guide you).

  • Purpose: Include the name of the system and the purpose      of your evaluation.
  • History: 1-3 paragraph description of the history of      the company and the events that led you to choose that company.
  • Scope: 1-2 paragraph description of the scope of the      system that you will study in detail.

Use the Final Project Template. Then “copy and paste” just these three sections into a Word document. Include the title page, “Proposal,” and reference page.  Keep an inclusive report at all times with every section since the entire report with all sections will be submitted at the end of the course. Please double space the document and list helpful Web links about the company that may assist the instructor in approving the project.
In addition to the requirements above, your proposal:

  • Must be double-spaced and 12 point font.
  • Must be formatted according to APA style.
  • Must reference two scholarly resources in addition to      the textbook.
  • Must include a reference page written in APA format.

Carefully review the Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.

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