help me with essay 1

1. Total of five paragraph ( introduction, first body paragraph, second body paragraph, 3rd body

paragraph, conclusion)

2. Each paragraph has to be from 10 to 11 sentences.

3. Introduction

Hook + explanation(2sentence)

Background information(7-8 sentences)

Thesis(1 sentence)

4. Each body paragraph should be like this:

*Topic sentence+3 main points (you choose them from the attached paper to each chapter)

*Transition + main point 1 ( 3 sentences)

*Quote from the book that support that main idea

*explanation of how the quote support the main idea

*Transition +topic sentence

*transition + main point 2 (3sentences)

*Quote from the book that support the main idea

* explanation of how the quote support the main idea

* transition + topic sentence

*transition + main point 3 (3 sentences)

* quote

*explanation how the quote support the main idea

* college level transition + conclusion sentence (1sentence)

5. Conclusion

* college level transition +rewrite thesis (1sentence)

* summery of body paragraph 1 (2 sen)

* summary of body paragraph 2(2sen)

*summary of body paragraph 3(2sen)

* additional ending strategy (2sen)

*College level transition + conclusion sentence: like after analyzing the text, ……. (1 sen)

6. Citation work

Note: there’s additional page attached to each chapter, and it has many main points and you have to pick 3 of them for each body paragraph as main points.

i will send the pictures of each chapter

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