i need help with an assignment best work needed 7

I need help with an assignment. best work needed.80%

For this assignment, we have a choice of multiple books for a personal response. Please choose carefully because there is a follow up assignment after this one for a critical response – it has to be about the same book. The list of books we can choose from are:

– 1984

– All the Light We Cannot See

– The Book Thief

– The Cellist of Sarajevo

– The Kite Runner

We can choose any of these, but I was thinking between “The Kite Runner” and “The Book Thief”. Ultimately, you can choose whatever you are most comfortable with, I don’t mind.

I attached an example of a personal response that received a “satisfactory” grade (60%). This can be for your reference so that the assignment instructions are more clear. I need a minimum of 80% on this please.

I am not sure how many pages this needs, but whatever you think works best for you also works

The assignment instructions:

In your next assignment, you will write a personal response to the novel based on the following guidelines.

TOPIC: How does the development of details (e.g., events and characters’ experiences) in the novel impact your understanding of one of the Essential Questions?

Essential Questions:
1) To what degree can an individual’s choices and actions influence the direction of his or her life?
2) Why is it important to be responsible to others on a personal, local, global, and digital level?

3) What does it mean to be successful and what role does failure play?

4) How does an individual’s perspective of, and response to, a crisis define him or her?

In your personal response, you will do the following:

  • Trace your personal response to one of the following Essential Questions as it evolved while reading the novel

  • Relate to at least one character who grapples directly with the Essential Question, and offer your interpretation of that character’s experiences.
  • Include evidence, especially quotations, from the text, and explain their significance to the topic.
  • Use first person point of view (“I”) and formal language. Do not use contractions or slang, unless it is appropriate to the context.

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