In “I’m Like a Bird,” what does Hornby suggest when he implies that criticism of pop music is inane?

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In “I’m Like a Bird,” what does Hornby suggest when he implies that criticism of pop music is inane?

A.    It is appealing.

B.      It is hypnotic.

C.     It is foolish.

D.    It is superficial.


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What does the glass of water symbolize in “On the Patio”?

A. a cloud

B. lost love

C. the speaker’s anger

D. nature’s powe

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In “A Devoted Son,” which of these is a dynamic character?
A. Rakesh, the son

B. Varma, the father

C. Veena, the daughter-in-law

D. Bhatia, the neighbor

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How does Charles feel based on the following description?
His face is haggard with anticipation.
A. excited

B. hesitant

C. nervous

D. shy

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Why are the characters in “Come and Go” likely appalled at one another’s actions conveyed through secrets?

A.    The actions were shocking.

B.     The actions were kind.

C.     The actions were out of character.

D.    The actions were funny.

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What was the purpose of Churchill’s “Wartime Speech”?

A.    to encourage the British to support the war effort

B.     to reassure the French that the British would support them

C.     To ask young men and women to enlist in the armed forces

D.    to urge the United States to join the war and support Britain

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What punctuation mark, if any, generally follows a transitional expression?
A. period

B. comma

C. colon

D. no punctuation mark

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How does the playing of scales echo the return to tradition in “Prayer”?

A.    Scales are ornamental and challenging.

B.     Scales are foundational and methodical.

C.      The meter of scales matches that of the sonnet.

D.    The piano is a source of traditional music.

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What historical context does Walcott allude to at the beginning of Midsummer when he writes “tug at their chains” and “under . . . whips”?

A.    slavery in the West Indies

B.     a riot in the U.S.

C.      apartheid in South Africa

D.    New York City

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In “The Train From Rhodesia,” what does the woman refer to when she considers “the unreality of the last few weeks”?
A. She is not feeling well or thinking clearly.

B. The trip with her husband has been wonderful.

C. The figures she has collected do not look like real animals.

D. The poverty and culture of Africa seem unreal.

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If a person is larking, he is likely:

A.    upset about work.

B.     enjoying himself.

C.      creating a problem.

D.     writing an essay.

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In “The Rocking-Horse Winner,” Paul’s ability to predict winning horses is ____.
A. discreet

B. brazening

C. uncanny

D. remonstrated

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What impact does the culture in which “A Devoted Son” was written have on the story?

A.    The customs and traditions inform the characters and the conflict.

B.     The customs are used as a springboard for rejection of the culture.

C.     The traditions and customs are glorified in their remembrance.

D.     The mixture of old and new confuses the main character, Rakesh.

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In “Araby,” Mangan’s sister and the narrator finally exchange a few words. What is the critical effect of this brief conversation?

A. The narrator becomes more smitten with her than ever.

B. The narrator declares his love for her.

C. The narrator that his love for her is hopeless.

D. The narrator promises to bring her something from the bazaar.

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In “Come and Go,” what comment does Beckett seem to be making about change?

A.    Facing change is necessary.

B.     Change is inevitable.

C.     Nothing much changes.

D.    Change should be embraced.

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What is the theme of “In Memory of W. B. Yeats”?

A.    Yeats’s personal life was painful and tragic.

B.     Yeats changed the course of Irish politics through poetry.

C.     Yeats’s poetry continues to inspire his readers.

D.    Many people failed to appreciate Yeats’s gifts.

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The word skeptical means:
A. careless.
B. unbelieving.
C. secretive.
D. hostile.

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If a student shows exemplary behavior, she most likely:
A. will be suspended.
B. misses a lot of school.
C. has many friends.
D. gets great grades.

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All people are mortal because they:
A. are born.
B. eventually die.
C. make mistakes.
D. have feelings and emotions.

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In “When You Are Old,” the speaker’s love of “the pilgrim soul” and “the sorrows of your changing face” means that he loved the:
A. woman for who she really was.
B. way the world changed her.
C. causes she believed in, whether they succeeded or failed.
D. way that time took its toll on her.

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