market and logistics

Market and Logistics

You have to start by choosing 4 products that are essentially different from each other. To make the choice of products easier, you can choose one product from each of the following 4 groups.
A. Non-durables 1: Foodstuffs: Ben & Jerry’s, Mars Bar, or cheese

2: Cosmetics: Suntan lotion, Rituals, or nail varnish

B. Durables 1: ICT sector: PlayStation, laptop, or TomTom 2: Automotive sector: Car, E-bike, or scooter


1) The 4 products are in different categories. Use sources to determine which category the products are in.

a. State whether they are mass-produced products or products made for individual customers.

b. State whether a push system or a pull system is used to drive the flow of goods.

c. State the target groups the products are aimed at.

d. Describe the breadth and depth of the assortment.
2) Work out the marketing mix for the four areas below and use graphics and sources for this.

a. The product. b. The pricing. c. The place.

d. The promotion.
3) Try to decide which phase of the ‘production life-cycle’ each product is in.
4) Try to map out the entire chain for one non-durable product and one durable product, from the raw materials to the consumer, and name all the different links.

Check the file below for more instructions and requirements

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