Need legal help with Terrorist and the Media

Terrorists and the Media

Apply the knowledge you have learned about the primary role of media in correlation to the theorist goal, and how terrorists use the media as a weapon.

In this assignment, elaborate on terrorist goals concerning media. Make sure to answer all the following questions in detail and cite your sources. Each response should be 3-5 sentences long.

With regard to terrorist goals concerning the media, explain how terrorists use the following to help their crusade:

1.  Publicity ( points:19)

2.  Favorable understanding of their cause (Points : 19)

3.  Legitimacy and identity (Points : 19)

4.  Destabilization of the enemy (Points : 19)

5.  Media as a weapon (Points : 19)

This has to be due by Sunday at 12pm. Like the instructions say 3-5 sentences per answer, so please make sure of that before you submit it.

Thank you!

The questions are all separate they have to be submitted separate when i submit them so please to not jumble them all up in one answer please make sure 1-5 all have their own separate answers!

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