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This part of your examination is worth 120 points and consists of 6 Learning Experience questions

Learning Experience Questions

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Learning experiences are designed to increase your knowledge in areas that interest you.

Learning experiences allow you to integrate the material and serve as a means for ISSA graders to assess your grasp of course concepts.

Each essay response is required to be a minimum of 250 words and, most importantly, include your personal insights as to how the topic will help you as a future professional trainer.

Because these essays are open-book, take the time to provide ample information, detail, and personal analysis in each essay response.

While there is a minimum word requirement for each essay, there is not a maximum word limit.

Feel free to elaborate as needed with relevant information to meet your own personal level of satisfaction.

Students utilize ISSA education in various ways: some target specific types of clients, some focus in a particular area of fitness, some simply want to improve their own well being.

Be sure to tailor each learning experience response to best fit your personal and professional interests.



Learning Experiences, Section 4: (Units 12 – 16)

Choose one of the learning experiences below and write a 250-word essay response.

1. Take your blood pressure and the blood pressure of someone else. List both the systole and diastole. Define systole, diastole, and list the ranges of excellent, good, fair, and poor. Do you see any correlations between blood pressure and lifestyle, stress level, or activity level? How will you incorporate knowledge of blood pressure into your future training endeavors?

2. Have a graded exercise test (GXT) performed on you by a qualified physician. Describe the experience. What were the results? Are you surprised by the results, or are they as expected? How does this learning experience influence your future training endeavors?

3. Use the Karvonen method and the general method (220-age) to determine the target heart rate for yourself and four individuals. What are the differences between the two. What method do you think is more appropriate and why? Once you determine target heart rate for yourself, perform any exercise until you reach your target heart rate. (Only attempt this experience if you are in good health and have a solid grasp on how to achieve your target heart rate. Be sure to warm up and cool down.) What exercise did you do? How did you monitor your heart rate? How long did it take to get into your target heart rate? How long did you remain in the target range? How will you use target heart rate in your future training endeavors?

4. Meet with three individuals who have been regularly working out for over a year. Test different fitness components such as maximal strength, strength endurance, aerobic endurance, flexibility, etc. List the component and the results. How do your results compare to theirs? Is one of you more fit than the other or are you just different from one another? How does this learning experience influence your future training endeavors?

5. Following a good warm up, start in a seated position on an exercise ball and jump as high as you can. Do this for a total of three repetitions. Record the height you reach each time you complete the exercise. Next, repeat the process, but start from a standing position. Jump as high as you can. Record the height you reach each time you complete the exercise from standing. Now, compare your results of the seated start and the standing start. In which scenario did you jump higher? Why? Relate this example to weight training technology and explain how it is used in exercise performance.***May require outside research of the stretch-shortening cycle. How will you incorporate this knowledge into your future training endeavors?

7. Critically evaluate the workout programs of five individuals. How do they compare to the seven laws of training? Under what conditions would you change these programs? How will you utilize your knowledge of the seven laws of training in your future training endeavors?

8. Define periodization and its components (cycles). Provide a detailed explanation for how periodization could specifically benefit each of the following clients and how it would assist them in obtaining their ultimate goal(s)/objective(s): college soccer player, 35-year-old sedentary adult wanting to tone, long distance runner. Is periodization beneficial for everyone? Why or why not?


Question 8: Periodization and its components


This mentions to how one’s training is broken down into discrete time periods. It is typically divide up into three types of cycle’s Micro cycle generally up to 7 days. Mesocycle between two weeks to a few months which has the following preparation, competition, peaking and transition phases. Macro cycle refers a year where there is overall training period.


35 year old sedentary adult


Forte training its perfect for the 35 year old to develop supreme strength before the start of the competitive season. Flexibility this will be an essential for the recovery of him from recovery and injury prevention


College soccer player


This means that he has to be in fir form before the preseason, this is usually two to three weeks of preseason practices before the first game. The elements of his training include the following fining tuning the body to handle the stress of 90 minutes of the game. Heavy weights and shorter sets -this will help to maximization of strength and power.


Is Periodization for everyone?


Everyone can benefit from using a periodized plan. Using of this plan allows the players body to develop I progressive manor without reach its plateau. The changes on the cycles creates a different stimulus which is a stepping stone to progress




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