probation and parole 14

Module 3: Chapter 8 Discussion Board Assignment

Read Chapter 8 of the Abadinsky textbook. Then answer the questions below in the Canvass forum created by the instructor.

In different parts of the country and across historical eras, the primary organizing mission of probation departments vary. Specifically during certain periods of time and in different jurisdictions across the country, some probation departments and probation officer roles are orientated around a mission of probation officers as “treatment agents;” others are orientated around a mission of probation officers as “brokers and advocates;” while still others are orientated around a mission of probation officers as “law enforcement’ agents.


  1. Briefly describe the varying missions and roles denoted above namely: probation officers as: a) treatment agents; b) brokers and advocates; and c) law enforcement agents.
  1. If you were designated as the head of a new probation agency, of the three missions/roles identified above, which mission/role would you adopt for your department? Explain your choice.
  1. Another controversy is whether probation and parole officers should be required to carry firearms while on duty. Some jurisdictions require their probation/parole officers to carry guns, some leave it to the discretion of the officer, while others prohibit their officers from carrying firearms.

a) in your view, should probation and parole officers be allowed to carry guns? Explain.

b) If you were the head of a probation/parole department, what policy would you adopt: require officers to carry a firearm, leave it to the officer’s discretion, or prohibit officers from carrying firearms. Explain the basis for your decision.

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