puad 7015 theories and concepts in public administration

In a 10–13 page plan, address the following:

  • Apply an appropriate perspective of public administration to your management plan as it relates to your topical area.
    • Relate theory and perspective to the topical area.
    • Identify problem components of the theory in terms of operations. Identify any key issues.
    • Explore the manner in which the theory is made operational and relate it to an outcome.
  • Identify alternative strategies to address the topical area from a public administration perspective.
  • Develop evaluative criteria to judge the merits of the management plan.
    • Consider the following questions:
      • Are all concerns related to the topical area addressed?
      • What are the outcomes?
      • Does the management plan offer the potential to address issues?
      • How is quality being measured?
      • Does the plan improve the effectiveness of this topical area of the project, program, or initiative?
  • Evaluate diversity and equity considerations related to the nature and scope of the management plan.
    • Define equity as it relates to your program.
      • Consider how this embeds itself in management.
      • Consider how this relates to the plan.
  • Evaluate the political context related to the nature and scope of the management plan as framed by public administration perspectives.
    • Consider the implications pertaining to the political context and federalism.
  • Develop suitable recommendations based on the findings of your analysis pertaining to the construct of the management plan.
    • Identify gaps based on your analysis.
    • Identify any innovations that arose through your analysis.
  • Incorporate relevant instructor feedback from your previous coursework.

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