questions and research

1. Read a topical article about Marketing or Advertising. Recap what you found and source the site. You’ll find fascinating topics on Ad Age, Ad Week, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Buzzfeed, Twitter, Snapchat, or Youtube. Pick a subject and write a brief one to two paragraph about what the campaign or product was all about. In your recap, make sure to include the source with a link.

2. Apple just won an award at Canne for the Apple Home Commercial. It is a gem of a video and geared introduce the product to consumers in a breakthrough way. Watch the video and tell us what you think of the positioning and the actual product. Think about who is the target audience, and did Apple deliver the message?


3. Wawa Mintel Research

All good marketing begins with Primary and Secondary Research. Poke around the research – Consumer insights Demographic breakdowns, Marketing Plans .

1) Lists key competitors in the Convenience Store Industry

2) What is Wawa doing to position itself against the competition for added Value?

3) Three interesting fact about Wawa

4) Your recommendation to further build Wawa’s brand based on your research in well developed written form.

Question 4 is in the document that I uplaoded.

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