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As a helping professional, you will face issues of divorce, child abuse, homosexuality, house husbands, spousal abuse, elder abuse, dependency, and so forth. Watch each of these six segments from Films on Demand. In a 250-300 word post discuss how you would contain or express your perspective on these issues in a setting where you personally had strong reactions in the negative. What is your identified role and how do you fulfill that while allowing clients/patients to have their own personal beliefs? Respond to at least two of your classmate’s posts.

Please respond to the 2 classmates below:

Classmate #1 Michelle Greene

According to our textbook, Conflicts are an inevitable part of life; personally, professionally, nationally, and globally. This is especially true in the human services, where conflicts are normative by-products of helping people with problems and working to create change on personal, societal, and political levels. Yet, a major problem for many workers is their inability to disagree, to present differing points of view, to refuse a request, to discuss an emotionally loaded issue, or to say “no” in ways that are constructive. Because of these feelings, workers may handle loaded situations with evasion, with attack, or with false passivity. As per our textbook people who aspire to use themselves effectively in a knowledgeable and disciplined manner in relationships with others must strive to develop a personal objectivity based on such qualities as awareness of self and personal needs, weaknesses and strengths, ability to relate freely and not let past experiences cloud their judgement, openness and freedom to perceive with clarity and relate with honesty, regardless of how different or similar others may be, and ability to perceive and evaluate values, attitudes, and patterns of behavior of the groups which they consider themselves apart of or differ and stand alone when necessary. (Levine,2013)

My professional goals include working with adult protective services where in which I would evaluate reports of abuse and assess rather or not these situations meet the criteria for abuse, neglect, or exploitation. Then, I would determine what services, if any, would be beneficial to the client’s well-being and independence. According to our textbook asking questions such as Am I comfortable with conflict? Or, Do I know how to handle conflict in constructive ways that lead to change and growth? Are crucial in learning to know and use oneself. I think that every situation is different as shown in the videos for this discussion, but its about having the mindset to be objective, culturally aware, assertive, and constructive in these situations.


Levine, J. (2013). Working with People: The Helping Process (9th ed.). Retrieved from

Classmate # 2 Labraya Wardlaw


  • I would like to further discuss my perspective on the above film involving the Gross family and elderly abuse. Personally this issue touched me because I have lost a loved one due to neglect in a nursing home facility. Even though the family involved in the film dealt with an abuse case in their home ,elderly abuse is pretty much a topic that many choose to ignore. It was really hard for me to see that the family simply didn’t notice the obvious signs of neglect. Will enough stress and frustration drive someone to neglect? that is what I have to ask myself after watching that brief video.
  • For me I could see myself in a role involving patient or client safety. The role of a patient safety manager according to (“Career Opportunities in Patient Safety”, 2019) requires someone knowledgeable and proficient in all aspects of patient safety and quality assurance. I would fulfill my role of providing safety and care for all patients while still allowing clients and patients to have their own beliefs. Because I know that the safety and well being of my clients are top priority for me but so as how they may be feeling about it. I believe it would be necessary to have the client and their families involved whenever possible to ensure that everyone is comfortable and on board. I know that change can be a scary ideal especially for the elderly whom may be suffering from some mental issues, but I think it is important to avoid obvious cases of neglect and abuse.

Career Opportunities in Patient Safety. (2019, December 5). Retrieved from (Links to an external site.)

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