revision for 3 pgs paper double spaced history

Kindly revise this assignment based on comments from my Professor below:

Feedback for part one. you did not answer all the points. who? what? where? when?) and then briefly explain the historical significance or in other words how does it relate to the broader course themes. The answers are vague.

Feedback for part two: Weird wording that make sentences sound wrong. Also do not answer the question fully, you give historical background but you did not answer really any of these questions. How did each state develop from earlier patterns in German history? Which of the two Societies were the more authentic outgrowth of traditions from before 1945? Why was One more legitimate than the other in that respect?

Also each paragraph need three examples from the attached readings or multimedia items. When quoting or referencing these sources, you can either mention the title of the work in the text or insert a parenthetical citation at the end of the sentence.

I have attached initial instructions…will provide u with previous paper done-that needs revision

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