selecting a statistical test 2

In this module, you will produce a brief research document about the subject of your data collection and analysis.

The resources that you will use are the following databases in order to gather data that you can analyze for your own hypothesis test. Review these websites and their respective databases at this time for familiarity.

Access the following websites to see what kinds of data are available:

Video Steps to Complete the Assignment

View the YouTube video on how to select the appropriate statistical test:

Utilize these videos to assist you in judging assumptions:

Assumption Guides

Be sure to explain how your data meets these assumptions and perform the applicable tests in StatCrunch.

Research Document

Using the decision tree provided in this activity, create a document that presents a synopsis of your problem statement, hypothesis, and statistical test that you will use (this is a mini draft of your final paper (Condom Use and Prevalence of Sexually Transmitted Diseases). Explain the type of data you have decided to use and the assumptions of the test (for example parametric vs. non-parametric).

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