separate the symptoms personality disorder from those of social phobia.

Question 1.   Bipolar I disorder is characterized by
    manic or mixed episodes
  unipolar depression.


Question 2.   Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) affects people at a predictable time of the year. Most people with SAD experience symptoms
    as winter turns to spring.
  as spring turns to summer.
  as summer turns to fall.
  as fall turns to winter.


Question 3.   Persistent depressive disorder
    is a form of mania.
  is a milder form of unipolar depression.
  does not affect children.
  can only be diagnosed after being present for 9 months.


Question 4.   In practice it can be very difficult to separate the symptoms of                            personality disorder from those of social phobia.


Question 5.   According to research presented in your textbook, women are about                            as likely as men to be diagnosed with depression.
  three times
  four times
  five times


Question 6.   Bipolar II disorder is characterized by
      major depressive episodes and at least one hypomanic episode
  rapid cycling between mania and depression
Question 7.   Which personality disorder is most appropriately associated with people who are overly submissive, to the point where they may act helpless to look after themselves and rely on the decisions of others?
    negativistic personality disorder
  histrionic personality disorder
    dependent personality disorder
  Bipolar personality disorder


Question 8.   Which theory of abnormal personality may view mood disorders as a result of giving up trying to cope and reacting to life’s problems with passivity?
    Psychoanalytic Perspective
  Cognitive Perspective
  Behavioral Perspective
    Learned Helplessness Perspective


Question 9.   When considering major depressive disorders, this is the term used to describe the inability to experience pleasure is which of the following.
Cyclothymic Disorder


Question 10.   According to the theorists and followers of this theory of personality, depression is considered to be related to the loss of relationships and often involves self-blame, feeling unwanted and worthless.
Question 11.   When it comes to the topic of suicide, many people fall prey to many different myths. Which of the following is NOT a myth regarding suicide?
      People rarely attempt suicide while in the depths of depression.
  Suicidal people always want to die.
  Only insane people contemplate suicide.
  People who talk about suicide will never actually kill themselves.
Question 12.   If a psychologist is treating someone and the patient tells the psychologist that he/she is actively
suicidal and ready to try to kill him/herself, the psychologist must
      break client-therapist confidentiality and alert the proper authorities.
  begin long-term psychoanalysis.
  use reverse psychology and dare the client to make the attempt.
  anesthetize the client to calm him  down.
Question 13.   An individual with a Cluster B disorder is often seen as
    eccentric and odd.
    self-absorbed, overly dramatic, and theatrical.
  fearful and worried.
  having hallucinations and delusions.
Question 14.   Which personality disorder might come to mind when you think about a “conspiracy theorist” who always thinks that there is some foul plot occurring that is designed to harm or wrong them?
    schizotypal personality disorder
    paranoid personality disorder
  schizoid personality disorder
  autism spectrum disorder
Question 15.   When a person has not responded to psychotherapy or medications to treat the symptoms of their depression, they may opt to undergo
    electroconvulsive therapy.
Question 16.   Describing people using a standard set of personality categories defines the                                 approach to diagnosing personality disorders.
Question 17.   According to our text,                              is considered to be a possible explanation of the gender differences often found between the diagnosis of men and women in terms of depression?
    the idea that men just don’t get depressed
    the idea that men are more likely to be diagnosed with substance abuse
  the fact that clinicians’ are not good at identifying depression
  the fact that women have more to be sad about

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