summary response paper 4 pages

For your final essay assignment, you will write a 3-5 page summary-response essay . In this essay, you will:

  • Summarize the main ideas of your book
  • Respond to an idea/theme/topic in your book with a clear thesis
  • Support your thesis using at least three academic sources as well as your own experiences and reasoning.

The book will be : A street cat name Bob ( i will provide the book even though you will find a summary and analysis online)

Peer Reviews

We will not be doing synchronous peer reviews for this essay. However, you should consider exchanging ideas and essays with your Reading Circle group. Try to make a plan to communicate this week. You could brainstorm together, or share your outlines/essays with each other on Google Docs, for example.

Materials You Should Read Before Starting

Example Essay: Summary-Response Sample Essay.pdf


A Summary-Response How-To guide: Summary Response Paper Prompt.pdf


DVC Library Research Guide: (Links to an external site.)

What are Academic Sources? Where Can I Find Them?

Academic sources are books or articles written by academics in a specific field. Academic journals are the most widely-used source of academic articles. Such articles are peer-reviewed and highly reliable. Academic research should be one of your primary sources of information when looking for material to support your own essays. You can find academic articles at:

  • DVC Library database (Use Advanced Search to get better results)
  • Google Scholar at

I strongly encourage you to book a session with a DVC librarian if you’re having trouble finding sources, but you can of course reach out to myself and our SIL as well.