therioes and concept in public adminstration

Assignment Instructions

In a 6–8 page paper, address the following:

Part 1: Introduction
  • Describe the issue in the chosen topical area from a public administration perspective.
    • Properly identify the context of the issue as related to a model of federalism.
Part 2: Background and Definition
  • Define the focus of your analysis of the issue in terms of involvement of the state legislature or courts.
    • Include any relevant ethical, diversity, and equity concerns related to your topical area.
    • Incorporate research from literature and public source material (GAO, OMB, et cetera).
Part 3: Identification and Application of Theoretical Framework
  • Align the theoretical framework with the topical area within the proper realm of public administration.
    • Identify the key manner in which this alignment informs the nature of the topic to the interaction with the theoretical framework.
  • Analyze how the chosen theoretical framework is used within its topical area.
  • Apply the theoretical framework effectively to its topical area.
    • Identify areas of concern as directed by interactions with the topical area.
    • Provide insight into how the theory informed the practice.
    • Provide direction for approaching the topical area in a meaningful way.
  • Evaluate the impact of the theoretical framework on the chosen topical area.
    • Describe how measured outcomes are being received—is there proper classification, or are there related expenditures?
    • Identify any larger issues that could be mitigated by training.

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