Which Is More Important For A Person To Possess, Courage Or Truthfulness?

You are making a claim about something, making an argument, using examples from the Primary Texts I provided in the files attached and you have read, and your own experiences as evidence. Pay close attention to clarity, grammar and organization.

DISCUSSION QUESTION CHOICE #1: Ethics: Courage or Truthfulness? Read what Aristotle has to say about both in the Nicomachean Ethics (Courage: Book 3, Chapters 6-9; Truthfulness: Book 4, Chapter 7).

Answer the question: Which is more important for a person to possess, courage or truthfulness?

Use the Nicomachean Ethics and your own reasoning to make your argument.

*All the sources you need are attached as files*

*You can only use this sources for the paper*

*Due on April 6, 2019 at 12:00pm eastern time* 


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