write a movie paper based on the following requirement

Please read the requirement file really carefully.

6 references, one of the six is “Shafer-Landau, R. (2016). The fundamentals of ethics. New York City, NY: Oxford University Press.”

write a movie paper, apply 3 ethical theories in the movie.

The choices of movies are in the file, please choose one movie

In the paper, when you apply each of the three ethical theories, you should:

a. Specifically name the theory you are applying

b. Explain/Define the theory using 2 separate credible sources

c. Step by step explain how or why the issue you are discussing accepts or rejects the theory you are applying and refer back to the definition to make sure the connection is clear

i. Don’t just “label” an issue with a theory name

ii. Don’t assume the link/connection is clear.

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