writing task translations


Step 1 Read

Please read Practical Argument page 259. (Attached Below)

Step 2 Read the following handouts

Transitions (Attached Below)

Transitions Within (Attached Below)

Step 3 View the following Video about Transitions

Step 4 Complete the following activity

Look at your Essay Project 3 (Attached Below) and write transitions between at least two sets of body paragraphs and copy and paste those paragraphs into a new document and highlight the new transitions, so I can read them. please also write a transition between a quote and analysis.

1. Copy paste your body paragraphs into a new document.

2. Write 2-3 transitions between paragraphs.

3. Highlight those transition lines in your paper in yellow.

4. Write 2 -3 transitional statements between quotes and the analysis.

5. Highlight those lines in your paper in pink.

Step 5 Save and submit your assignment.


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