Class Reflection Week 1-4

In this course “Risk Management in Complex Health Organizations” , you will engage your thoughts and abilities, and you will position yourself as a scholar, a practitioner, and a leader to advance your knowledge and personal academic agenda. Consider saving this assignment for future reference, because it serves as a critical program growth reflection. 


Create a reflective and applied statement in which you:

  • Describe how the material from Weeks 1–4 (Risk Management, Professionalism and Compliance, Risk Management Effort Challenges, Addressing Deficiencies, Updating Compliance programs, Licensure Compliance remedies, Medical Malpractice) has affected your thought processes, development, and professional disposition.
  • Reflect on your personal learning process (e.g., challenges, moments of discovery, life experiences, and interactions).
  • Include questions for the course facilitator regarding material that may still be unclear.


Use this assignment as an opportunity throughout the course and the program to document your development as a scholar, practitioner, and leader, and to reflect critically on the changes that occur during this process.


Use APA Guidelines, intext citations and a reference page. 

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