project management solve a case study essay

Brent Collver, President and CEO of Romet Limited, has just finalized the architectural design and layout for the company’s new plant and relocation named “Project Destiny.”

  • Prepare a Project Network Diagram (Chap. 5) and identify the Critical Path (including the forward-path and backward path, late start/early start and late finish/early finish data).
  • What is the completion date of the project based on the date in Exhibit 1.
  • Which activities do you consider to have the greatest risk for the project (Chap. 7)?
  • What is more important to Brent: Cost or on-time completion?
  • What activities should you consider crashing and why (Chap. 9)?
  • Are there opportunities to re-sequence the activities in the project to shorten the completion time?
  • What action should Brent Collver take and why?

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